Who We Are

Dairy Manufacturers, Inc. is a foods, animal nutrition, and specialized services company based in North Texas.
Incorporated in 1986, DMI was originally formed to manufacture milk replacers for the feed industry. After being in operation for only a few months, we began receiving inquiries from the food industry about locating raw ingredients. So began our venture into the food industry.
Early in our company life, we partnered with some of the major dairy cooperatives and began providing dairy ingredients to the food industry. A short time after that, we decided that some of our customers needed not only single food ingredients but a combination of ingredients, so our Foods Division began.
The focus in our Animal Nutrition Division has expanded from concentrating exclusively on milk replacers for calves and other ranch animals to include milk replacers and food supplements for pets and performance animals as well as wildlife.
Because of our unique blending and bagging capabilities, as well as our rigid quality control standards, industries outside of food and feed have begun contracting with us; thus we have created our third division–Specialized Services.
Currently, we serve customers all over the United States, Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, Central and South America, and Europe.
Our divided manufacturing plant houses our three separate production facilities—Foods, Animal Nutrition, and Specialized Services.